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YOGA BURN total body workout review – Read my honest opinion

Updated: Sep 7, 2020


As you are probably aware, I’m in my 50th year and spend most of my time in the gym. This leads to tight muscles which reduce my range of movement and suppleness. As I continually complain about it my friends told me to try yoga burn. Initially, I thought they were mad. Yoga isn't my thing, weights are.

I decided to give it a go and see how I went on, after all, how hard could this be. I was more concerned with the boredom factor, to be honest; I'd tried yoga on YouTube and had switched off after 30 seconds as it hadn't managed to hold my attention. Why would this product be any different?

My increase in weight gain following Christmas was also worrying me, once you hit one of the menopausal states, it’s fat piling all of the way. I couldn’t let this happen and as my daughter tried to convince me that yoga was great and would help with the tightness and the fat piling how could I resist?

I decided that it was time to get into Yoga!

I don’t move very fast so sports like squash, badminton, and running were out of the question. HIIT!!!!!!! Was no way on the agenda neither was any other sport that involved movement. So yoga scored a few brownie points over the others.

I found a home workout program called The Yoga Burn It seemed to be a godsend. The website claimed that the program was ‘Helping Women Get Lighter, Healthier and Happier’ all over the globe. Considering I’d spent a fortune on PX 60 workout I didn’t see why purchasing this product was an issue.

Yoga Burn Challenge Review: My Experience

The Yoga Burn Challenge Is an advanced yoga workout plan designed by 'Zoe Bray-Cotton', a certified Yoga Instructor living in the United States.

It follows the format of all the other work out from home videos that I've ever spotted or used. Play, pause, get in position, play, pause, etc.

Mt first port of call for anything of the nosy nature is Twitter. So I looked up 'Zoe Bray-Cotton' on twitter and found tones of pictures of her pulling off some amazing Yoga poses. Bear in mind suppleness is not my strong point, I’m still aspiring to get in some of those positions.

Seriously can I do this?

Having nothing to lose and everything to gain I popped on my training kit and got down to figuring it all out. The program progresses through three stages of incrementally difficult workouts. It’s called 'Dynamic Sequencing'.

3 x 45-minute videos along with one bonus video

Oh how stiff my muscles had become, or was it gym burn, I wasn’t sure. My quads were like rock and my glutes like squishy loaves of bread. Even with tight quads, the ‘Downward dog’ was easy. I smirked as I patted myself down gloating. I still had the body of a youngster.

Initially holding the poses for the entire duration of the movement was challenging.

But after about a week I had mastered it and was able to perform the basic moves easily.

I started with the easiest phase first, then moved on to the next phase once I felt I was capable of moving on. Technically each phase is performed for 4 weeks so my cheating a little didn’t help. I stuck to one of the phases for six weeks as I liked that phase so, in my book, I made up for cheating in the previous phase.

I was beginning to like it; it was like the progressive overload you do when weight training. By the time your body gets used to the phase of the workout, it’s time to change and move on to a more difficult phase. You know what they say, more stimulus equals more growth and I love muscle growth.

The Foundational Flow

Phase 1, the phase where you build a foundation for the 12-week journey.

This was the most important phase for me having never done yoga before. This phase included basic poses which even I could do.

I found that over the weeks I began to feel emotionally better in myself. Not only that but I felt physically better too. Yoga was positively affecting me. I was feeling more energetic all day. My mood was improved and more strange than anything else I was looking forward to the videos. I think I had started to become obsessed with it.

Let's talk about weight loss. There wasn’t any, I was the same as I was to start with but, as if by magic I had a greater range of movement, I was more supple and my arms seemed to be more toned. The bingo wings had reduced in size.

The Transitional Flow

Phase two - the ‘Transitional Flow’, a step-up from the first phase is a transition from the foundational phase to the Mastery phase. Mastery? Hmm, that’ll take time.

The workouts during this phase start to get more difficult but it was easy to adapt. The poses are divided into three sets, upper body, lower body, and core. Great so now we are getting down to a real workout. I’m not good with fast or movement so performing the moves fast without taking too much of a rest was hard work.

My heart rate shot up, and I started to glow, yes glow and for days after I suffered from gym burn without actually going to the gym. 4-weeks of this started workout to pay off and by the end of the fourth week, I had lost weight, 6 lbs to be exact.

The Mastery Flow

The final phase - ‘Mastery Flow’ HIIT but I don’t do HIIT! This was HIIT Yoga style so I wasn’t quite as worried. This is the phase where the magic happens.

There are three videos and a bonus Pose Tutorial video including detailed instructions for performing the 21-poses. Again the exercises are divided into upper, lower and core poses.

But the poses are designed in a way that your arms, your thighs and your core muscles get a boot camp workout every session.

For anyone who hates repetition, this program is not for you. But don’t forget, Repetition is the mother of all skills, the more you do something the better you get at it.

Everything about the Yoga Burn Challenge is perfect

When I started the Yoga Burn Challenge workout, my knowledge about Yoga was limited to what my friends and my daughter had told me.

My experience in the program was amazing and I’ve decided to add yoga into my daily training activities as I’ve decided to make it a lifestyle change.

The benefits of the yoga burn challenge that I have gained through my experience are:

It is perfect for beginners: It’s the perfect program for beginners.

You can customize it: Despite being a 12-week program, I’ve kept going. I’m on week 20 and addicted. You can customise the program to your liking and take your own time with each phase.

15-minute workouts three times a week: Short 15-minute workouts helped me to stay on track. some days, I managed the entire 45-minute duration. The cheat 15-minute sessions didn’t affect my progress at all.

It eases your mind: The program made me more relaxed, calmer, happier and more energetic. I had energy where I normally felt lie going to bed at 6 pm.

It is easy on your joints: The Yoga Burn Challenge is as good as any HIIT workout. It’s easy on your joints and won’t cause any niggling injuries.

You might want to give this workout a shot

Zoe is always available: One of the best aspects of the Yoga Burn Challenge is that you can reach out to Zoe. Zoe is approachable and always ready to help.

What were my results with the 12-week Yoga Burn Challenge?

I could write an essay but I'm going to keep it brief and bullet-pointed.

1. I lost weight. One stone of ugly fat.

2. I am more toned and look more muscular

3. My flexibility and range of motion have improved.

4. I’m not stiff anymore I can perform stretches now with more range.

5. I am happier and more energetic.

Quick Summary

If you are a woman looking for an easy to follow and detailed guide to improve your fitness at your own pace then you have to give Yoga Burn. With very easy to understand instructions, any beginner can follow the program. This program is a guaranteed success for those willing to follow along. On top of that, the company offers a 60-day full money-back guarantee.

Is Yoga Burn worth the Money?

Let’s be honest… we all want to know, is this worth your money?

This 12-week yoga program consists of 3 phases and you’ll be asked to spend exactly four weeks to complete each phase, before progressing to the next phase. The videos provided for each phase come with an introduction video that describes every aspect of the training along with 3 workout videos for every phase. The more time you dedicate to doing this program, the more successful you will be.

To get the best value from this program you must commit to change.

Apart from the workout videos, the Yoga Burn program also provides 4 Bonus videos. The Yoga Burn programme is entirely natural and physical in nature. You are not asked to take weight loss pills or to go on a diet. You are only asked to spend an hour or two each day and burning the calories away.

Who is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a yoga instructor with years of experience in teaching yoga-based fitness programs. She is a personal trainer and a specialist in female body transformation programs. She has worked in many formats teaching all forms of yoga in schools, gymnasiums and fitness studios throughout the United States. She has played a key role in presenting the Yoga Burn program in a simple and easy to follow manner, using poses that people without any prior knowledge of yoga can follow without difficulty.

What equipment is needed?

To be honest you don't really need any equipment as you can do it on your living room floor. However, if you are anything like me I like to do the programme in my hallway or living room which both have a wooden floor. On a nice day I'll do it in the conservatory or garden which are also hard surfaces so I choose to use a yoga mat but it is entirely up to you.


1 x Yoga Burn programme

1 x Yoga Mat

1 x Water Bottle if you desire

My Rating: 4.5/5:

Excellent, give it a go and watch your body and mind transform

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