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What To Expect from an online Health Coach

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

When time is short slotting in time for a health coaching session can be more of a burden than it's worth. Not only do you have to get ready to go to the appointment, sit in traffic then wait in the waiting room for your overdue appoint but then you have to take the time to sit in traffic on the way back too. What a palaver? However, if you could attend an online appointment that would cut down the amount of time you have to take out of your day to over half of the time. For this reason, working with an online health coach can be a great option.

What is the process of starting to work with an online health coach?

Your first step would be to find a coach that you get along well with. It’s not possible for everyone to get along with everyone all of the time and different coaches have very varied coaching styles, so find a style and coach that you like and stick with them.

Always make sure you read the About Me page on their website as you can find out a lot about the sort of person they are from here. Have they undergone some of the same challenges as you, will they understand you and your challenges or will they be focused on different areas of need than you require? It’s all questions at this point. Finding an online health coach who has a specialty that aligns with your needs is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a coach.

Once you’ve found someone you feel is the best fir for you, contact them by e-mail. There’s almost always a contact form available for you to do so. It is contained within the footer of my website to aid discovery. Once you have completed the sign-up form, as a professional the coach should respond within 24 hours.

As with other coaches, I always reply with a link to my website and my coaching packages page as good practice. This saves the potential client from having to search for information that may not be instantly noticeable.

I offer a free 30-minute coaching session to determine whether we are right for each other and whether I can help you achieve your goals and ambitions. I will never take on a client that I can’t help. It isn’t good practice and certainly won’t help the client.

A professional online health coach will never judge you or your situation, this is not their reason for being a coach. We are here to help you not hinder you and your progress. Good coaches understand they are real people with a passion for helping others feel amazing about themselves and their lives.

After the free coaching session, we’ll decide together if we both want to move forward in working together.

All new clients are enrolled and my clients are required to complete the relevant forms before we start working together. Following on from this payment should be made and appointments booked. The client will receive an email inviting them to attend my private ZOOM chatroom for our web-based sessions.

What should I expect when working with my virtual health coach?

Most importantly, you should expect privacy, confidentially, impartiality and lastly the support that you need.

I do not sugar coat problems, I do not make allowances for setbacks, once we agree to work together, we set goals and targets and we work towards them together. Coaches who allow their clients to miss deadlines and achieve below the standard that the client has set are doing their clients no favours but are lining their pockets in the process.

I take coaching very seriously and whilst I’m not too hard and rash I do hold the client responsible and accountable.

Each 30-minute coaching session begins with a review of goals and homework. There is a discussion about what went well and what you found challenging. Clients are encouraged to keep journals so daily fitness, nutrition, and wellness notes can be reviewed. The more information that is collated the better the picture for the future.

Clients ask any questions they like regarding their journey into creating the best them that they can create. I am qualified in nutrition coaching and specialise in weight loss so I can give specific advice on weight loss and nutrition.

Throughout the session, we work together in creating an exercise and nutrition plan that works for the client and incorporate wellness strategies into the programme. I offer an all in one programme or I can offer tailor-made packages which include single subject areas such as fitness, nutrition, wellness or work-related coaching.

We end each session with an outline of the homework and a restatement of goals for the upcoming week.

What will my online health coach do for me in between sessions?

Your contract will always determine prior to commencing the course what assistance and support your coach will give you between sessions.

Following on from each session, I send my clients a quick email recap. For sessions conducted via ZOOM I also send them the video recording of the session so they can reflect on the session and complete their homework successfully.

I am available to my clients via text or email at all times. I will respond to them as soon as possible, but always within 24 hours.

Working with an online health coach helps people stay on track with their fitness, nutrition and wellness goals. By having a coach always on hand clients are better able to create realistic, sustainable healthy habits. Having enabled a happy, healthy, whole client is what health coaching is all about.

Curious about what on online health coach could do for you? Then sign up below to receive your free 30-minute coaching session.

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