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The Best Vegan Collagen Hot Chocolate Recipe

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Ok, so you’ve probably heard the noise around vegan collagen supplements and their benefits for your skin.

Is it all just noise or are there promising benefits to be had? Collagen isn’t vegan, well at least didn’t used to be but scientists have now found a way to manufacture vegan collagen in a lab without using animal products.

Scientists can now make inexpensive, safe collagen sourced from microbes instead of harming animals. Another pro to vegan collagen, especially those who have allergies like me is that the animal-based collagen can cause allergies and can carry a risk of the transmission of animal related illnesses and allergies relating to common allergens to humans.

Vegan collagen microbes eliminate this issue because the product is produced in a controlled environment where common allergens and other harmful substances are

removed. Great news isn’t it?

So now me and people like me can start writing blogs on how to use vegan collagen as a health benefit. It’s reported that collagen can help to take years off your looks at the same time as helping to improve your health. You can use collagen in many ways as it’s so versatile.

You can add collagen to smoothies, ice cream, protein drinks, cereal and many other food items and it doesn’t take away from the flavour unlike products like spirulina which can make food and drink taste sea water.

People have been adding supplements to their meals for decades now and one thing I haven’t tried yet, is adding collagen to hot drinks. Considering I don’t drink tea or coffee and my only option for a hot drink is hot chocolate or soup. I’ve decided to go for the hot chocolate approach it seems so much more civilised.


Collagen is the most plentiful protein in your body and gives structure to bones, ligaments, tendons, hair, skin and nails. Collagen powder is not a complete protein and cannot be used as your only source of protein. It does, however, contain most of the amino acids needed to make a complete protein. This is good news because if you’re eating a balanced, wholefood diet on a daily basis you’ll be consuming the right amount of the right proteins daily.

It has beauty benefits

Because collagen helps build healthy skin tissue and provided you look after your skin from the outside your skin will look and feel better. Not only that, but you should start to see a change in your finger nail composition with it becoming stronger, less flaky and less brittle.

Collagen also has health boosting benefits such as gut-healing properties and helps keep your joints and bones healthy as you age.

This collagen hot chocolate recipe is made from healthy, wholesome ingredients which you may even already have in your cupboards and fridge. The recipe is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients and makes the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. I’ve also been known to make one before bedtime to help me sleep.


Chocolate lovers, if you like the smell of chocolate please don’t sniff it. It goes straight to your brain and unfortunately also causes a severe bout of coughing.

Cacao powder, is one of the healthiest foods on earth and addictive I found. All that means Is, I like it, a lot. It’s different to the highly processed chocolate we find in the shops. It is minimally processed to help preserve the healing properties of the cacao plant.


Palm sugar, not palm oil is environmentally sustainable and to my knowledge does not impact of wildlife or major Eco-systems.

Palm sugar is made from the nectar of the coconut flower. It’s a natural sweetener that’s much lower on the glycemic index than normal white sugar found in shops. This means that it doesn’t cause large blood sugar spikes which can lead to health problems.

Palm sugar is abundant in minerals and b vitamins and doesn't taste like very much at all.


Cinnamon adds a delicious warming, christmasy flavor to the collagen hot chocolate, but it also provides antioxidants and blood sugar balancing health benefits. You can add it in powder form or liquid form.


Nutmeg has been used as a remedy for digestive disorders such as nausea, vomiting, indigestion and diarrhea for centuries. Nutmeg also provides benefits for the brain and nervous system and researchers have shown that nutmeg has the potential for the use as a natural treatment for stroke.


Like ginger, turmeric is one of the best anti-inflammatory food items on earth. It helps to reduce inflammation, can aid digestion, improves liver function and it can even work as a natural pain reliever, all without nasty side effects.

So here it is my healthy vegan hot chocolate recipe. It is easy to make, costs next to nothing and tastes amazing. You could even serve it cold in the summer just like a frape.

Normally you'd probably add honey too but honey isn't vegan and I also don't care for it much. You can use agave nectar instead but this causes a huge glycemic spike which isn't ideal. Alternatively if you like your hot chocolate sweet you can use stevia .


PREP TIME: 5 mins

COOK TIME: 5 mins

TOTAL TIME: 10 mins


1 x glass/metal bowl or jug

1 x milk frother

1 x Blender – alternative to a milk frother

1 x hand whisk – alternative to a milk frother


1 x cup of hot water (preferably filtered but it’s not an issue if it’s not filtered)

2 x cups of unsweetened almond/soya milk

3 x teaspoons of raw cacao powder

1 x tablespoon collagen powder

2 x teaspoons of palm sugar

1 x dash of cinnamon powder or liquid (it really doesn’t matter which)

1 x dash of turmeric powder

1 x dash of nutmeg

1 x can of whipped soya cream


  • Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl until the mixture thickens.

  • Use the hand-held whisk or milk frother to froth the mixture.

  • Or you can use a blender or hand whisk and blend/whisk until the liquid is thick. If you are using a blender do not fill it to the top as liquid expands in a blender and it burns when you take the top off.

  • If the mixture becomes too thick add a little bit more milk

  • Pour into a mug and serve with a squirt of whipped soya cream

  • Sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar sprinkles.

  • Serve and a shortbread biscuit or whatever biscuit it is that you like - all biscuits work well.

And there you have it a fairly healthy (but not quite) hot chocolate to make you feel homely and happy. All you need now is a good film or a good book to go with it.

I hope you like this recipe as much as I do. If you enjoyed it, please pass it on so others can benefit.

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