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The 6 Exercises Everyone Over 50 Should Be Doing

Senior women exercising with dumbbells

Over the last month I’ve spoken to dozens of youthful looking people who are over the age of 50. I've spoken to them regarding their fitness routines, diet and outlook on life. It appears their success in staying young and healthy comes down to a combination of a balanced diet, daily exercise and a positive outlook on life.

When I asked them about their exercise routines many said they walked everywhere, others said they went to the gym, whilst the remainder focused on a home exercise routine.

There was a common theme running through their answers, they all carried out some form of body weight exercises or strength training. There are many good reasons why the over 50s or anyone for that matter should start strength training as strength training is key to staying healthy as you age.

Strength training makes you physically stronger enabling you to do more, carry more and lift more which can make your life much easier.

Struggling with the shopping will become a thing of the past. On holidays away, you’ll no longer need to wait for some kind person to lift and place your travel bag into the overhead compartment, you’ll be able to do it yourself without any help. 

I’m in my 50th year and go to the gym five days a week. However, there is one thing that i can't seem to master. The challenge of conquering the impossible, to open the pickled onion jar all by myself. For soem reason, I just can't do it. Following a broken hand and nerve damage my right hand shy's away from anything taxing. For this challenge, I’m going to need strength training for the hands. I'll let Dr Harrison show you how.

Hand, Wrist & Forearm Strengthening Exercises

Source: Dr Levi Harrison, YouTube

I sometimes I look at the older people in the gym. Particularly those who are in the gym everyday strength training. I think to myself. ‘Good for you’. I also notice that their toned physiques have erased years from their bodies and faces, and they have a healthy glow to them. This has to be a positive!

One thing that people don’t consider as they age is muscles waste away if they are not trained, strength training can prevent this.

People also don’t tell you the more muscle mass you have the more your body can burn fat, so you’ll stay slimmer for longer. Bonus!

Strength training also improves your bone mass which is great for fighting off natural bone wastage and the menopause.

Strength training helps you to maintain and improve balance preventing possibly catastrophic trips and falls. As we get older the chances of us falling and breaking our bones is heavily weighted towards breaking rather than bouncing as we fall.

The five exercises below are a great way to improve your strength and improve your bone mass and muscle tone. They are easy to perform, easy to do at home, easy on the joints. They target major muscle groups, strengthen weak areas of the body and make you feel younger.

You don’t need weights or fancy training equipment to perform these exercises as you can do these exercises using your body weight a set of dumbbells, and a chair.

Downward Dog

Forearm Plank

Arm Curls

Chair Dip

Chair Squats

Perform this circuit three times weekly to become fitter and stronger.

Each exercise comprises of three sets of ten repetitions. It only takes 30-minutes to complete the routine however, you can take as long as you like. The most important thing is you start to exercise as soon as possible.

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