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How To Lose Weight Naturally In Two Weeks and Lose Your Belly Fat!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Hopefully, you've come across this blog with the expectation of finding a solution to your fat loss issues or should I say the lack of fat loss. If so, then I can tell you, you’ve come to the right place.

Fat loss when you know how is easy, the problem is so many people want to lose weight, or lose the fat but don't consider the implications of losing it the wrong way. Let me explain.

A question for you. Have you ever seen those people either on the beach or in the gym who have either lost weight too fast or have lost weight but have not bothered to build muscle to replace the fat that is lost? If so, then, you’ll know what I mean when I say saggy skin. It’s not a pleasant sight for most people that have been left with this issue and I can only think, if they’d been given the right advice in the beginning they’d have chosen a plan that would lead to both fat loss and muscle gain at the same time. This action is necessary if you are attempting to sculpt your perfect body.

By combining the right diet with the right exercise plan, a positive mindset and a decent night sleep every night you will be able to sculpt the body you’ve always wanted. It will not be easy, but things worth having are very seldom easily achieved.

Fat Loss verses weight loss - Why fat loss is a good goal?

Everyone has an optimal weight, where they look and feel amazing and most of us hope to experience it as our normal state of being, however, this seldom happens. Most of us visit our optimal weight several times during our lives for fleeting moments and for the rest of our lives, well, we are a lot heavier or 'fatter' than we would like to be.

Whilst focusing on lowering our overall weight is a good idea when we are trying to be healthier, it’s not always the right choice. Losing fat is a better goal to have than to lose weight as a goal.

This is because muscle weighs more than fat and the more muscle we have the better we look. People with high fat to muscle ratio run the risk of acquiring unnecessary illnesses. This article explains the benefits, danger and more of having a high body fat ratio.

What is a healthy body fat percentage?

The essential body fat levels for a man are around 5-6%, and 12-15% for a woman. These figures are on the exceptionally low side and are not the norm. This is what you'd expect to see from a bodybuilder entering a competition.

It is wise to check your BMI to see whether you are within the acceptable levels as stated by the UK Government. People with very low fat levels are also at sick of disease and illness so it’s important not to become too obsessive about the percentage number as muscle weighs heavier than fat and the reading can be skewed if you have a lot of muscle.

The overall level of muscle mass along with a healthy height-to-waist ratio is important. Having a healthy waist circumference is far more important than weighing less on the scales.

6 Tips For Reducing Your Body Fat Percentage

Make healthy food choices: Try to eat clean and make your own meals from scratch. It is back to basics I’m afraid as most processed foods contain a lot of salt, sugar and fat. By eating clean you can consume the right nutrients at the right time and gain control over your cravings. By removing processed foods such as pasta and bread from your diet you can easily keep on top of your cravings.

Make sure you include lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet and reach for a piece of fruit when the cravings start. This should help keep your blood sugar on track and your ravings at bay.

Eat In line with your daily practices: Our diet should adapt to what we routine and how active we are each day. Rather than eating the same amount of calories no matter what we’re doing we should aim to eat to satisfy our BMR. Our BMR works out how many calories we need each day depending on activity levels.

We need to think about what activities we are going to be doing and the amount of fuel we will need to keep us alive and well. Excess fuel whether it is fat, carbs or protein will convert to fat if not used. Excess of anything will be stored as unwanted body fat.

If we are going to have an active day, we might need a few more calories than if we were sitting behind a desk all day. So, we should make sure we operate at the right BMR for our weight loss/ fat loss goals rather than consume a generic number of calories each day.

Get Moving: Any sort of exercise is good if we are actually doing it rather than thinking about doing it. Thinking about exercise just is not going to move those pounds of fat and build that muscle. A 35-minute brisk walk every day is enough to get those muscles working, our heart rate raised and our metabolism running. So if you're not fond of exercising walk.

Exercise with friends: Exercising by ourselves can be boring and motivation can sway. Including our friends into the weight loss/ fat loss challenge is a sensible option for building and maintaining motivation and drive. Competition isn't always a bad thing. Shared goals and responsibility will help us to tone those muscles and lose that fat faster.

Make mealtime a thing: There used to be a time where families sat down and ate their meals together but these days it is everyone for themselves. It's not a good idea to bolt our dinner down in five minutes whilst watching Modern Family or Schitts Creek. It's also not good for our gut and does not aid the easy absorption of nutrients. Try to make mealtimes an event even if you live by yourself as it is better for the gut and allows us to register and record the actual amount and type of food we are consuming.

Track your food: always keep a food journal and track what you have eaten and drank daily, the number of calories, carbs, fat, and protein. By keeping track of our intake whether it be through food or drinks we can see where the calories are coming from and why we are not losing the fat as quickly as we can.

Cut the Alcohol: Alcohol is the archenemy of weight loss / fat loss. Alcohol is ladened calories. If you drink alcohol the brain detects a poison has entered the body and shuts down the digestion of fat, carbs and protein until it has rid the body of the alcohol. Whilst this is occurring the body stores the consumed calories as fat. After all, your brain doesn't know whether there will be a famine tomorrow or not or whether you will need to use those stored calories.

Drink more: People under estimate the importance of drinking water. Around 70% of our bodies are made from water and it relies on water to flush out impurities. Water has many, many benefits and is the solution to a lot of our ailments including some headaches, can ease joint pain and promotes digestion.

You can't spot reduce: It’s important to understand that we can’t spot reduce and when we lose weight it will come off certain areas first such as our face, neck and the bust for women. It will come from the areas such as your stomach, thighs and buttocks last. Whilst this seems unfair your brain has the job of protecting your organs and providing insulation for colder times. Aim to lose weight from everywhere at a casual rte of 2 lbs per week. It doesn't seem much but 2 lbs of fat equals a calorie reduction of 3500 calories. That's a lot of exercise or a lack of the wrong type of food.

It is impossible to eat 2000 calories a day of fruit and vegetables, it's just not possible. Add some pulses and legumes and it's only just possible. If you consume processed food you can consume 3500 calories in one sitting, you just don't realise it. Pasta with a creamy sauce, garlic bread and a glass of wine and you are going to store fat regardless. Change that wheat or egg pasta to vegetable pasta, the creamy sauce to tomato sauce, shop bought garlic bread to homemade garlic bread and a small glass of wine and your at about 750 calories. See the difference? Just as tasty less stodge.

It is more than possible to eat a healthy, tasty vegan or plant-based diet without becoming bored you just have to make sure you have the right macro's and micro-nutrients needed.

A healthy vegetarian shopping list is pretty much the same as a healthy vegan shopping list you just swap the dairy and eggs for non'dairy alternatives and fake eggs if you really need them.

At the end of the day a healthy fast weight loss/ fat loss comes don to calories in verses calories out. If you eat late at night your body will not have the time to use up the calories so try to avoid eating too late. Aim for finishing your evening meal at least three hours before bed. Also try going for a walk after your evening meal but do not go too close to bedtime as this may prevent you from sleeping.

I've included the Harvard Food plate as a guide to how you should be eating. This was produced by Dr Bernard and his research team as a way of helping people to get and stay healthy through eating right. This is a better representation of how you should eat compared to that of both the USA and UK myplate guides which seem to benefit the food and medical industries rather than everyday people.

If you follow the guidelines above and stick to the calories stated on your BMR, and eat clean you will lose weight in two weeks, healthily.

If you make the above actions your daily norm you will continue to lose weight and become healthy. Don't under estimate the importance of exercise and a positive mindset as these are two of the most important aspects of becoming healthy through a long-term lifestyle change.

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