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How Can a 50 Plus Year Old Woman Lose Weight Fast? The 7 Step Strategy To Losing Weight After 50

Updated: Apr 12

You may be reading this article because you've put an incredible amount of effort in to losing weight, but it seems that since you turned 50 its an impossible task?

This is a common issue for women over the age of 50 and an issue most of my clients faced before they hired me to revamp their lifestyle. You've probably read every article and consumed every diet book out there but when it comes to permanent weight loss it comes down to one thing, your strategy.

Most women of all ages, out of desperation turn to fad diets that may do more harm than good. This is no longer a gender specific problem as more and more people face the same problem as we in the West continue to consume a lot of processed and animal food products.

The latest revamped diet is the Keto diet which has its roots firmly set in the keto diet but this diet can lead to health issues and unsustainable weight loss. Diets such as the keto diet may cause initial fat loss over a short period of time but it is always temporary.

Many women over 50 have told me that they never know where to turn to get the right information and due to the lack of proper guidance, they never fully grasp what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle where their weight stays static and they have a healthy fat/muscle/water ratio. I find this to be very sad because a healthy lifestyle is so easy to achieve when you know how.

I've been helping women lose fat and improve their lifestyles and energy levels for over 25 years and I've always found there to be one issue at the route of all weight gain and the inability to lose fat. That is, a lack of the right information and the inability to act upon the right information once it is gained.

It's a mine field out there and many woman are not sure what is good advice and what is bad advice so they go with the latest fad as it seems to get thousands of people their desired results. But this is not reality, it's clever marketing in practice and some are MLM schemes. e.g. the Japanese Tonic Diet. Everyone seems to be promoting it and losing tonnes of weight so

The diet and fashion industries through great marketing make you believe you should look a certain way and be a certain weight and this just isn't true. We all aspire to look like people who themselves do not look like their media representations. The images you see on TV, in magazines and online have been airbrushed and normal people cannot live up to a computer modified ideal.

We are all individuals and we all have the bits we love and the bits we hate. This doesn't mean we need to lose weight it means we need to potentially lose fat and tone up.

However, saying that some people desire body fat levels which are just unhealthy so I try to keep my clients in the healthy zone. I also, try to avoid causing turkey skin for my clients. We all know what turkey skin is and none of us like it, but too many people have it because they have lost weight too quickly and without training.

It's not all bad and the good news is, losing your excess fat and maintaining your ideal weight in your 50's is an easy thing to achieve if you have and act upon the right information. It all comes down to your fat loss strategy.

If only we could just lie back and listen to the music and the fat fell away. But, life just isn't like that. It took months, even years of abuse to put the fat on and it's going to take a few months at least to lose it n a successful way. Rome as they say, wasn't built in a day.



The six steps below will help you to consider your own fat loss strategy.

Step 1: concentrate on your diet. 70-80% of all your fitness and fat loss goals is your diet. In today's world of convenience food it's much easier and convenient to eat processed food than it is to make your own meals, and in some cases it's much cheaper. But, make sure you don't swap quality for cost.

Step 2: concentrate on sculpting your muscles. When you undertake a muscle sculpting program you soon start to see results. You can even start to see results at the end of the first week if you stick to the right diet and training plan.

Step 3: Make sure you drink at least six glasses of water daily, and every day not just once or twice a week. The adult human body is 60% water and as such needs to remain hydrated. When you are dehydrated your body does not function at its optimal level and the results you gain may not be as profitable as you would want.

Step 4: avoid quick fix solutions. The problem with today's society is, everyone wants a quick fix solution and it's just not a long-term solution. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with every pill and potion all claiming to lose weight. Well, if they actually worked do you think there would be so many of them?

Step 5: Get between 6 and 8 hours of quality sleep every night. I you can't sleep properly there may be many factors at play some of them may be diet, technology, and stress.

Step 6: Ok so I said diet was important but there is only one thing more important that diet and that is mindset. If you dont have the mindset of a winner then you will never lose the weight permanently because when the going gets tough you will quit. Your mindset journey must start with the willingness to change. To change your programming anf to change your whole approach to life in general.


Your diet is the most important thing for you to get a handle on. In fact, should you be on any diet at all? The answer is no. Diets do not work because they are not sustainable. Any change you have should be a lifestyle change not a diet.

Without the right nutrients in the right amount at the right time you will not gain the results that you desire. Look anywhere online these days, and you will find “the secret to losing weight.” But in reality, it’s just about the diet industry making more money from your desperation. All the fad diets in the world cannot compete with a healthy plant-based diet so let's get to the basics.


Do not go Keto! You are helping to trigger fat gain and muscle loss and the results are temporary.

When you go keto you swap weight loss for long-term issues and you owe it to yourself to preserve your body in a healthy condition for as long as you can. However, protein is an important part of a balanced diet especially as we age. But it’s crucial to consume the right amount of quality protein.

Eating high proteins meal will help you to lose weight, especially if you cut the carbs but the weight loss is mostly temporary. It is also bad for your kidneys and in some people it can cause gout.

Protein is nothing more than a group of amino acids. There are 20 in total, 9 of which the body can't make so we need to get them from our diet. The meat and dairy industry would have you believe that you can't get them from a plant-based diet, but guess what? You can!

40 % of your daily diet should be protein and the recommended amount of protein per pound is 0.8g. By eating 40% of your daily diet as protein you will be able to minimise muscle wastage and drop the fat. Focus on adding high protein products such as beans and lentils to your diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


It’s imperative to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your diet. They are the best way to load your body with nutrition to help with fat loss. Remember it's fat loss that is important not weight loss as muscle weighs heavier than fat.

Meals and snacks consisting of fruit and vegetables are low in calories, so you can eat a plate full without the guilt. You can also incorporate fruit and vegetables in creative ways, like using them as substitutes for other ingredients. For example, try using apple sauce instead of oil when baking.

Also, don’t feel the need to shy away from the grocery store’s frozen food aisle. Frozen fruit and vegetables are just as and sometimes more nutritious than fresh produce, believe it or not. Since most are flash-frozen at the source, they are more likely to be packed with more nutrients than 'fresh' produce.

Fruit and vegetables are also a good way of getting more water into your diet. They have high concentrations of water so the next time you feel hungry reach for some fruit or a carrot or two and you'll find the hunger goes away. Thirst is mostly misread as hunger.



Whole grains are known for their many health benefits for people of all ages. Though higher in calories than fruit and vegetables, whole grains are still essential to fat loss. They are necessary for fat loss because whole grains contribute to increasing your metabolism. By adding whole grains to your diet, you will help to reduce the number of calories retained by your body as you digest your food. Remember that losing fat isn’t just about eating fewer calories, it's also about providing your body with the right type of fuel.


It’s a well-known fact that if you want to lose weight, you should stay away from processed sugar, full stop. Processed sugar (especially sugar from high fructose syrup) not only causes health issues, especially with age, but it also prevents you from maintaining your fat loss goals. Get rid of your sugary coffee drinks, sweet juices, sodas, and sports drinks and make it a habit to switch to herbal tea, presses', juices, smoothies or good old fashioned water.

There's a rule I use with my clients, if man has messed with it don't eat it. Sugar hangs around in places where your food has been manufactured or prepared. The best way to make sure you avoid all processed foods is to not but it then you wont eat it. This includes pasta and bread.

If you are like most people and buy ready prepared or packets of food items you may think you’re consuming less sugar, but again this is probably not true. When shopping, you'll need to double-check everything you buy in cans and packets for the carbohydrate and the fat levels. What normally happens is the fat will go up when the sugar comes down and vice versa. This is not good fat or good sugar so avoid it at all costs. If it's not natural, don't eat it.



Choosing your diet is the easy part. But when it comes to maintaining it, we all know how difficult that can be. Perhaps you have a track record of maintaining your diet for a week, or even a month, only to go back to your old habits. This is because you were relying on will power and results. When you didn't see the results you desired , you lost the will power.

One important myth to debunk is that all you need is will power to lose weight. Some people may be lucky enough to power through plateaus, but others are demotivated by the lack of instant results. If you are one of those people who loses motivation with a lack of progress, remember, anything worth gaining is worth sticking to progress comes to those who persevere.

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