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How to exercise effectively at home for Free

These days money is tight, and time is scarce so what better to do to keep yourself healthy than to carry out your own fitness classes at home for free. According to the Wall Street Journal the trendiest fitness class now is working out alone at home.

Or to save you on the boredom and increase your motivation you could invite your friends and family round for a class and a chat. Because you are not going to be the instructor you do not need to be qualified and as such should not charge for your classes. This is simply an opportunity to get together with family and friends and carry out some much-needed exercise whilst putting the world to rights.

The secret to getting fit for free is to use every opportunity to be active every day. Below you’ll find exercise suggestions that you can do for free that are exceptionally good for both your mental and physical fitness.

Rule number 1: Walk everywhere

Whether it’s walking to work by yourself, strolling to the shops or stepping out for a walking session with your friends or/and family walking is one of the easiest ways to get more activity into your daily life.

Walking will help you to lose weight and become healthier. People who engage in moderate activity such as walking three to five times a week burn more energy than those who just make weekly visits to the gym.

You can save more money too by ditching the car for those short and easy journeys. Or, you can even take a park and ride option rather than a drive straight to work option. Take the stairs instead of the lifts and give yourself a cardio work out by running up them instead of sauntering up them. Stair climbing burns more calories per minute than jogging and counts towards your recommended 150 minutes per week of exercise.

Research shows regularly taking the stairs is classed as a body weight exercise and is good for building strong bones, cardiovascular fitness and weight management. It's also a safe, low-impact exercise that requires no equipment at all. Again, more free exercise.

In walking all or part of your journey to work, the doctors, or the dentist and in getting off the bus or train one stop early you could easily increase your walking ability to the daily recommended quota of 35 minutes.

But wait, I’m not talking about snail paced walking or nearly running walking. I’m talking about brisk walking. Brisk walking for 35 minutes three times a week will increase your fitness levels dramatically. Don’t forget to schedule in your family walks at the weekend so you can chat with the family about the happenings of the week.

Walking with nature really helps to increase endorphins and serotonin levels which will boost your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Rule number 2: Those that can run

Running is great for weight loss, improving heart and lung function, strengthening bones, and giving you a general sense of wellbeing. Running doesn’t have to be something that you do really well or really fast. It’s not a competition, unless you enter one, it’s a lifestyle choice and it’s free.

A good running plan involves 3 runs a week, with a day of rest between each session to enable your muscles to recover.

Choose your app and off you go. There are plenty of apps on both apple and android phones that allow you to choose your route and will track your distance and speed. When I walk and run with my daughter we use the Under Armour map my fitness and map my walk. I like these two apps as they show me the route I have to take and give me notifications on my progress. My daughter loves them too when they tell her she’s finished.

There are also running podcasts such as Run to The Top by Sinead Haughy who interviews running influencers. Scientists, psychologists, nutritionists and every day runners to provide motivation and drive for your running. Her podcasts are even designed to work on your technique, speed and stamina. Simply pop on your earphones, fish out your trainers and get running.

Rule number 3: Strength does matter

Do you fancy a personal trainer, but can't afford one? You can now download many podcasts and use them as motivation to improve your home strength workouts. I like the Redefining Strength podcast, and the NHS Strength and flexibility podcast as they provide me with the inspiration and drive that I need. I prefer going to the gym so anything that I do by myself needs extra stimulation. In using the NSH fitness podcast you get your fitness coach for free. The virtual trainer coaches you through a series of equipment-free exercises designed to improve your strength and flexibility. What could be better than that? All you have to do is turn up in any place of your choice, press go and carry out the work out instructions.

The workout instructions and the pace of the session are easy to follow to ensure you perform each exercise correctly and in time. You can invite your friends and family round for motivation and carry out your exercise plan together providing motivation for each other.

Check out the Strength and Flex workout plan and see if it’s right for you. Or you can try the NHS Live Well gym-free workout plans.

The world is your gym and there is plenty of opportunity to work out outdoors. The National Trust have produced an outdoor exercise plan for you to follow. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, simply pop on more clothes and off you go.

The outdoor gym is a way to exercise for fun rather than for it to be a chore. Do it with friends rather than by yourself or pop on a podcast and off you go. There really isn’t any substitute for nature. We came from nature, we’re part of nature and we are our happiest when we’re with nature.

There is no requirement for equipment the exercises include power walking, tree press-ups lunges and squats.

You can download the free outdoor gym plan which has been created by the National Trust and get ready to rumble. The worlds your oyster as they say or the worlds your gym as I say.

If you can’t get yourself together to train outdoors you can train at home with an array of ten minute workouts.

You can burn calories, lose weight, tone up and feel great through trying the NHS Live Well six 10-minute home workouts If energetic is not your thing you might like to try:

sitting exercises

strength exercises

balance exercises

flexibility exercises

Rule number 3: If you have a bike use it

Bicycles were invented in the good old days when getting round on foot just took far too long. Whether you're cycling to work, the shops or just for fun, your bicycle is an easier, faster way to get around and increases your cardiovascular activity immensely. Not to forget increases the power in your legs.

Cycling to work is one of the easiest ways of building exercise into your day. It'll save you money as you’re not using the car is much mre safer now as we have cycle tracks to ride on. They were a great invention as they stop people with no coordination like me from killing themselves.

If you don’t have a bike you may be able to pick one up on Facebook buy and sell, Gumtree, local adds or at the amenity site for next to nothing or free. Ensure that the bike you ride is safe to ride with full working breaks.

Failing that your Government may have a Cycle to work scheme where you may be able to get a cheap bike through the scheme which enables you to pay monthly through your pay packet.

The UK NHS provide tips on starting to cycle to make sure you get as much advice as possible.

Rule number 4: Park games are fun for the whole family

Families used to walk everywhere, they used to go to the park together and they used to play together. At 49 I still ply on the slide and swings with my grandchildren and I still play games such as hide and seek and tag. We play rounders, football and cricket and when the sun is out Volleyball. None of us know any of the rules and it really doesn’t matter in fact it’s more fun when the children make up their own rules and I pitch in. Running isn’t my strong point but when it’s against a seven-year-old I can do it, when its against a thirteen year old, I’m pushing it.

By playing playground games with your children, grandchildren or your friends and relatives children you can ease yourself into fitness at the same time as bonding with your children, family and friends. You’re never too old to play on the park and don’t let anyone tell you that you are.

For more ideas on activities that you can do with your children why not pop over to change for Life and discover Fun ways for you and your children to get their recommended 60 minutes a day of exercise.

You can check out the UK physical guidelines at their website. The NHS website is full of great ideas to set you on the track of health and fitness.

At the end of the day we all have one life and we need to live that life as healthily as possible so that we can enjoy the time that we have on this planet with the people that we love.

So don’t delay, choose your exercise routine and start it today.

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