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8 Tips For Weight Loss

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

What Are the Much Needed Weight Loss Changes

Eat Right

Today's blog is short but I wanted to write down what I was thinking whilst I remembered it. I was prompted to write this blog after looking at people's trollies at the local supermarket (I'm a bit nosey like that) and assessing what they were actually buying.

I saw a few people with micro meals, weight-watchers micro meals? Micro meals are processed and if you are trying to lose the flab you need to cut out processed food. Try to cook your own meals from scratch so you can monitor what is going into them. (I like the word flab, by the way, it does what it says on the tin)

Getting fit and healthy does not just depend on exercise alone, diet plays an important part in improving your health and wellness. Diet is probably more important than exercise.

So, one of the first and most important things you should do when you are trying to get in shape is to take your diet seriously. Taking care of your diet is one of the most important things to get right as you can't out-train a poor diet no matter how much you try. Taking care of your diet does not take time away from your busy schedule if you are organised. If you're not organised, add a further ten minutes to the time it would take you to pop a micro-meal in the oven.

One of the best ways to change your diet is to change to an organic diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. All those chemicals, it's not good for you as your body needs the right macro's and micro's not man-made chemicals

Jack the Junk

It's also a good idea to increase the fiber in your diet to clean out your colon of negative weight loss inhibitors. Did you know, the average Western human carries around on average, 6lbs of waste in their intestines at any given time? Yuk, it's not something I like to talk about but it's something that needs to be discussed. The reason this happens? Processed food! So You'll ll find you'll feel much healthier when you start to eat the right foods in the right quantity. e.g. Jack the junk!

When you eat a diet made from refined or processed foods your system struggles to process it. So to counterbalance this you should try to eat more fruit and vegetables and switch to whole grain foods such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread instead. Although saying that, bread is the devil of the weight loss world. If you want to lose weight, cut the bread and the pasta too. Opt for pasta made from vegetables such as pea pasta or carrot spaghetti. All manor of vegetable alternatives are available from your local health food shops and supermarkets.

For weight loss, you should also increase your intake of protein, minerals, and vitamins. To do this, again, eat more fruits and vegetables and substitute red meat, fish, and chicken for tofu, legumes, and pulses. These items are packed with protein and contain fewer calories, and fat and contribute significantly to your daily protein intake.

Just so you know, to increase your chances of losing the flab rather than weight, increase your protein but keep the level within a safe amount. 0.8g per KG of body weight. The more protein you eat the more likely you are to swap that unsightly flab for muscle.

Not all proteins are created equal. Those proteins that come from animals are harder for the body to digest. Look to plant sources for high grade, easy to digest proteins.

Not sure what you should eat? Check out the Harvard MyPlate below (best myplate)

One of the most important parts of changing your diet is to completely eliminate junk food. Yes! Completely eliminate it, no cheat days for the duration of your diet. If you crave carbs the likelihood is that you are addicted to sugar. Reduce your carb intake, drink plenty of water, and ride it out.

Junk food just so you know includes but is not limited to fried food (all fried food) sweets, chips, popcorn, ice cream, milkshakes, fizzy drinks, pizza, pasta, cakes, chocolate, and biscuits. Try substituting fruits and vegetables for your usual junk food snacks instead and you'll notice your energy increase and your cravings reduce.

Instead of fizzy drinks or manufactured pops drink water, you can flavour it with fresh fruit, probably lime, and lemon, or cucumber, and mint would be the best options. It's up to you really, go with your own preferences and see what you like best. You will find drinking water instead of fizzy drinks makes a huge difference in your sugar and bad fat intake.

You will feel healthier and have more energy when you change your diet to a whole foods diet with plenty of water (yes water, you have to drink it). At first, you may feel a little different with the extra fiber and the complete change in the foods you consume but this will soon pass and your body will work like a well-oiled machine in no time at all.

Most people hate to exercise and as such I'm not going to tell you you need to work out in the gym, daily. Nope, all it takes is a thirty-five-minute brisk daily walk. That's it, no weights, no gym, no swimming, nothing but the good old fashioned, put one foot in front of the other walking thingy.

Diet is 70% of keeping healthy and losing weight. Again, decide what your actual goals are. To lose weight, to lose fat, or to tone up and build muscle. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn and the better you'll look.

I would always recommend that my clients look to lose the flab and gain some muscle. There's nothing worse than seeing a person who has lost a huge amount of weight with hanging skin because their trainer didn't advise them to build muscle.

Check out this easy to do, maximum results training program you can do from home (Jeff is one of my favourites)

To avoid sagging skin, you must weight train and swap out the flab for muscle. If you want to look toned and sculpted build some muscle. No, you don't have to go over the top, and there's probably no chance on this planet that you'll ever get muscles like Arnie but you will look better and thinner when you are toned.

With these few points, you can make huge strides towards staying fit and healthy and losing the flab. You can still do the things you want to do diet wise but you must get your macros and micros right (that's another blog). When you do you'll find you have more energy and feel like an entirely new but better you in no time at all.


  1. Take your diet seriously

  2. Eat Whole Foods

  3. Avoid Junk Food

  4. Eat a High Protein Diet

  5. Drink Water (2-3 litres daily)

  6. Exercise daily even if it is just a brisk 35-minute walk

  7. Exercise whilst dieting

  8. Tone and build muscle so your skin doesn't sag.

Remember that looking after your health and staying fit is an investment in yourself for the future. Your health is not something you should neglect for the sake of a yoyo diet. You will find that you will regret poor health habits later down the road so let's get on with making the right choices now.

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