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3-in-1 Ab Wheel Roller Set AB Roller with Push-Up Bar, Skipping Rope and Knee Pad

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I am so bad at push-ups. Will these help me get better at push-ups, or make push-ups harder?


It works both ways. If you work harder, you're going to get a better result. It makes it easier to do push-ups, but you have to go lower to achieve the same result as in a regular push-up, but that's what makes these bars pretty awesome. I used to be super bad at push-ups, but I did a few push-ups every day and improved. Practice as they say makes perfect.

Does it disassemble easily for packing so I can travel with it?


The push up bars come apart very easily and are very light weight so you will easily be able to travel with it.

Would this work if I already have some belly fat?


Yes, but if you have never used the ab wheel I'd suggest taking it moderately at first.The AB Wheel Roller will do things to your muscle groups in the arms,chest,stomach and groin that you wouldn't imagine. Start slowly at first and then build up your reps.

Does it hurt your wrists when using it and after use?


No it doesn't, I broke my hand a few years back and it still hurts when i exercise but apart from this their isn't any strain on the hands or wrists. Adjust your hands, wrists and length of stride to find your own comfort zone. The handles of the push up bars are comfortable. Overtime your wrists will strengthen allowing you to do more push ups and rolls.

This is too long for me, how to i adjust it? I cant see how to get the end off to cut the cable?


Its very simple to do, the end of the handle pops out so you can access the wire. You cut however much you need off with wire cutters or pliers and use the plastic end caps to secure the wire in place. Once done just pop the end of the handle back in place.

What are the dimensions of the ab roller


The diameter of the ab wheel is 7.08 inch, the length of each handle is 4.13 inch. The weigh is only 1.25 lbs with stands up to 660 lbs strong bearing capacity.

Is the skipping rope long enough for someone 6'2? Cheap ones are often too short?


Yes, the skipping rope is long enough for someone around 6ft 3. The skipping rope can be adjusted easily.

Does it help someone with a flabby belly aka fat people or is it only for body builders or fit people who need to tone? their tummy?


Only a balanced diet will trim a flabby belly . The fitness ab roller will help build the ab muscles and is a great over all core builder that otherwise fit people will benefit more from then beginners. With that being said you have to start somewhere and the ab roller is a great piece of equipment to have right from the beginning.

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