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3-in-1 Ab Wheel Roller Set AB Roller with Push-Up Bar, Skipping Rope and Knee Pad

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Product Description

3-IN-1 HOME WORKOUT EQUIPMENT: Dual wheel Ab roller set with push-up bars, skipping rope and knee pad is ideal for anyone wants to strengthen your core strength and shape better figure. The ab exercise equipment can help stretch and exercise the muscles of your abdomen, arms, chest, shoulders, back, and get you six pack abs.

STABLE AB ROLLER WITH EXTRA SOFT KNEE PAD: Ultra-wide ab roller with stands up to 660 lbs strong bearing capacity. Non-slip foam handle reduces hand fatigue and improves control and comfort. The stripes on the surface of TPR rubber wheel will prevent the ab wheel from slipping during its smooth movement.With thicker and larger (which is twice as large as others) foam knee pad to prevent your knees from hurt.

SLIP-RESISTANT PUSH UP BARS: Push Up Bars are sturdy enough to support any weight.The handles of the push up bars are covered by foam, which is soft and sweat-absorbent. It will provide you with a comfortable and safe grip. The ergonomic design push up bars can protect your wrist from injury during the workout.

ADJUSTABLE AND DURABLE SKIPPING ROPE: Highest quality PVC-Steel Wire rope ensures it resistant to wear and tear. This skipping rope constructed with anti-slip foam handles to enhance sweat absorption effect and offer extra comfort. 3M(10ft) Steel Wire Rope can be quickly adjusted for both adult, children, professional athlete and beginners.

PORTABLE AND EASY ASSEMBLE: Ultra lightweight and assemble easily ab roller kit, allowing you to achieve your fitness goal wherever you are. Perfect for a home gym, but also convenient enough to travel with. Plus, we give you a Handy Workout Guide to help you correctly perform a variety of targeted, core-shaping exercises.

Product Review

This is my favourite piece of equipment in the gym. Not only does it work your arms and shoulders but it works your abs too. I ordered this one fro Amazon and couldn't wait for it to arrive.

When the product arrived everything was well packed luckily as my postman can be a little bit clumsy. Fitting it all together was straightforward even if the handles of the roller did require quite a bit of force to slide into place, but I go to the gym, so I engaged my strength and pushed and now I feel it would be seriously difficult to separate again. This is a good thing as you don't want it falling to pieces half way through a roll.

The wheel motion is unsupported (no recoil system) so I would specifically recommend it to more advance wheel rolling people that have already a decent abs strength. I'm joking, anyone could improve their abs, shoulders and arms with this nifty little gadget. I'm quite weak on the arms and shoulders but I can roll away for at lest 12 rolls at a time.

If you are anything like me I need to wear gloves in the gym to aid lifting. This gadget by the nature of it's use gives my hands a bit of a workout too, so I wear a pair of arthritis gloves which help to stabilise my hands, especially the one I broke a few years back. I have had a much better experience in the gym since I have been using them.

I hate putting everything away after a session at home as I know i'll be less than eager to get it out again but if you are the tidy type of person, the manufacturers have provided a carry bag to neatly store it away in.

The push up bars are good quality too. The construction is from plastic but overall they are solid and well made.

I hate skipping its something that i'm not good at, mainly down to using rubbish, lightweight, plastic ropes that just don't weight down. however, I'm happy to report that the skipping rope is also of good quality and ideal for my needs.

Knee pads are knee pads, what more can i say? It did the job it was supposed to do so i'm happy with it.

I've bought several pieces of home gym equipment in the past and not all of them have been up to the quality of this set. Overall this is a really good package and worth the money.

AND this set also comes with a lifetime warranty so if you manage to break it somehow, then you can return it and get your money back.

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Disclaimer: I buy everything that I review on this site

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