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I love Animals, I love the Colour Red, tomatoes and red peppers are two of my favourite foods. I love being and feeling healthy and I love helping my clients transform their health and lives.

Below You'll find some of my favourite recipes. ENJOY!



Soup is one of those foods that I just can't get enough of. It's quick and simple to make and always tastes good. In winter it's a great way to warm yourself up during the day and in summer it's easily served cold.

By combining leftover ingredients that you have left from meals or from your cupboards, fridge, and freezer you can make a very cheap meal for the whole family at the same time as preventing wasted food items from being thrown in the bin. 


Simply throw everything into a pan add stock and water and twenty minutes later you have soup. Add salt, pepper, and herbs to taste add bread and there you are, an amazing meal for the family.


For more detailed recipes it's a case of fry or roast a few items then perform the process above. There really is no excuse for not eating soup especially if you are working to a budget, soup is ideal.


I can make soup for around £0.30p per person add the bread and we are up to £0.50p per person.


You just can't get better than that!




I only ever have starters if I'm throwing a dinner party. Even though it's virtually impossible to eat your body weight in vegetables and to put weight on doing so I believe overeating is not a great thing for our health, mental or physical health. Overeating leads to feelings of sluggishness, makes me tired and helps me to look lbs heavier in the mirror. 

Below are some of my favourite starter options that have been created on a small budget. You can, of course, make these meals as main courses or serve them as appetizers when friends come around.

Main Courses


Traditionally, the main course would be the tummy filler and would comprise mainly of carbs and meat. These days anything goes. 

The recipes below are wholesome recipes that are created on a budget. You should be able to create all of the meals for less than £5 per meal.

To make any of the meals above cheaper, you can substitute the more expensive items such as tempeh and tofu with beans and lentils or other cheaper items containing protein.


It is important that you maintain the balance between carbs, healthy fats such as avocados and nuts, and proteins to keep yourself healthy. 

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