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Plant-based Recipe Books 

One of the easiest ways to get yourself into the habit of eating healthy on a plant-based or vegan diet is to try a few recipe books to ease your way into a new way of living. 

Change is never an easy task especially when your friends are still eating meat. But that said, if you really want to lose weight, lose fat rather than muscle, get sculped, and feel healthier then a plant-based diet is the way forward. 

I've tried many diets in the past and I've managed to lose weight with some of them and put it all back on and then some with others. Below are a few of my favourite recipe books which have produced results for me. Before I was a qualified nutritionalist I relied on other peoples wisdom and knowledge to help me achieve my goals. The three products below helped me to achieve weight loss, fat loss not muscle loss and tone up. I hope they can do the same for you too.













The Plant-based Recipe Cookbook:

This is a great recipe book to give you ideas on how to eat healthily with variation in your diet - Digital Downloads

For $17.95 you get:

  • The Plant-based Recipe Cookbook

  • 30 Day Jumpstart Guide

  • Green Smoothie Lifestyle

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The Vegan Muscle Diet: 


This book will help you to eat the right foods for your training needs.

For $37 you get a tailored diet plan for your requirements. Take the test before you buy to see how many calories, protein, etc you need to consume daily. This plan includes everything you need to build muscle and get fit and healthy.

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So Why Did One Succeed & The Other Fail? Good Question?

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